In our offer you will find classes dedicated to all age groups. We would like to invite you to take part in cosy groups of 6 to 9 people.

Classes are held twice a week with two lessons per meeting. Presently, we are offering a school year consisting of 120 hours divided into 2 terms, 60 hours each.

We start in September and finish in June. There is possibility (based on availability) to join classes during a school year.

Based on the experience of other training institutions and international language schools we would like to offer you the communicative approach to language using the best materials and books of Oxford University Press. We support language activity regardless of the students’ levels and it enables fast development and building up proficiency in speaking and listening which will eventually help with successful passing of language exams.

Qualification to a certain group is based on free of charge test and meeting with a teacher. We strongly encourage you to appoint a meeting at our school.

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